We are committed to serving the world.

By The Way was born out of a desire to help people, serve our community, and change the world. We started with a mission to utilize our gifts, talents, and resources for the good of others. Through dedication and the the support of our closest partners those resources are rapidly growing and greatly expanding our ability to serve the world. We are about inviting people into the wonderful mission of helping others. It is our customers who make the true difference in the world as they are the ones who give the most when they work with us. We are simply stewards of your generosity and resources.

Radical Generosity

By The Way gives back 100% of it's profits to kids in need.

Investing In People

By The Way provides jobs for high school students who are taught the basics of running a business, the values of biblical generosity, and the power of investing in people - all while earning a generous wage to save for college.

Partnering With You

By The Way aims to partner with Young Life and other ministers through financial support and product discounts. Money saved on t-shirts is money put back into reaching kids with the good news. 


Young Life

A large portion of our profits are put towards sending students to Young Life camp. Young Life camping involves high adventure, lots of fun, great food and excellent speakers who understand and respect high school and middle school kids. At Young Life's camps kids are treated to resort-quality facilities, for which Young Life has become known. Each year, more than 100,000 kids around the world spend a week or a weekend at Young Life camp, having an experience that many describe as the best of their lives.

While camp is an amazing experience unlike any other, it can also be very expensive. By The Way is committed to making it possible for every kid to have the opportunity to go to Young Life camp.