Something New Part 2

A lot has happened since 2012. Graduations, engagements, new jobs, weddings, more new jobs…


Also a baby happened! Which is what brings me here today.

I recently took on the role of being a stay at home mom. Well, it’s been a year but who’s counting? I love it so much. I can’t imagine the thought of someone else getting to spend all this time with my little girl. I’d be so jealous. So I’m doing it! While it is fun and exhausting, I find myself wishing I was little more productive during nap time. I find myself wanting to contribute to our family financially. I find myself constantly on social media seeing what everyone else is doing and envying their success. Though I know the roles of a mother are time consuming and of utmost importance, sometimes I can’t help but think that I’m wasting away a lot of my time.