Something New Part 4

I think I’ve found it. I actually found it before I started writing any of this but I thought it’d be fun to share the process anyway. Remember when I was talking about By The Way Clothing? My husband is the bold implementer…I’ve had a screen printing company at the tips of my fingers this whole time. Duh! Why didn’t I pounce on that? 2 reasons.

1.    Resentment: While in college, it felt like it took up time that I wished was mine. There were many late nights of screen printing in the basement while the girlfriends sat on the couch. Now I can see that it brought me one of my closest friends, wife of the dreamer! To this day I sometimes wish client emails, ordering, and all the things would take a back seat so that I can have the time.

2.    Sales: I feel like I get on social media and everyone is trying to sell each other things. I have a hard time coming to terms with being a part of that. I don’t want people to feel pressure from me. Also, sales takes boldness and I am so afraid of that.

How am I moving past these things?

1.    Somehow I came to the realization that if maybe I just joined in on the screen printing thing in my own way, it would be something fun to do together and I could come to love and appreciate it too.

2.    Words of wisdom from my mother. She let me in on the fact that people have been trying to sell each other stuff and support each others small businesses forever. Examples: Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, homemade goods, dairy and produce from farms…trade. It’s not a new thing! Anyone else’s mom a genius?