Something New Part 1

In 2012 a new college student started a screen printing company called By The Way Clothing. He bought a press, kept it simple. Mostly created his own logos for fun and printed them on garments for friends. Then came along a friend and a business partner match made in heaven. A creative dreamer and a bold implementer. They decided to take it to the next level. More equipment, more garments, more clients. It turned into quite a cool thing. Money was going to kids to go to summer camp, the homeless were being helped, and high school students were getting trained in screen printing and becoming employees. The business had close to four prime years, fading a bit once college ended and life got filled with careers and new things. It sounds like the story is going to end…but the implementer continued the business as a side hobby, still extracting ideas here and there from the dreamer. By The Way Clothing still exists!