Something New Part 5

So here I am starting my own small shop through By The Way Clothing.

How I’m feeling about it…

  • Excited that I’ve worked through ideas and found something that I’m interested in trying

  • Clueless because I don’t know what I’m doing

  • Nervous about what people will think

  • Fearful that blog posts won’t be read, designs won’t be liked, items won’t be purchased

  • Grateful that I have the resources to give it a shot

  • Antsy to get going on all the ideas I have in my head

  • Overwhelmed by all the ideas in my head

Let’s just do it already!

I recently received my first order of sweatshirts. They’re about to hit the shop to be printed and will soon be available for purchase. Headbands and scrunchies coming soon once I get some sewing lessons from my mom! Thanks for all your support and can’t wait to support you back.

10_Design copy.jpg